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1. I can’t login to the Web App, what do I do?
2. Where can I consult the program agenda?
3. How do I make sure that the program agenda is displayed in my time zone?
4. The timing in the program agenda is different from what was announced. Did the agenda change?
5. Where can I watch the video posters?
6. How do I access a live session?
7. How do I start Zoom?
8. How do I ask the speaker a question in Zoom Webinars?
9. Can I chat with other participants in Zoom during a session?
10. How do I access one of the breakout sessions?
11. How does the Chat at the Help Desk work?
12. Is the Virtual CCOCR 2021 accredited?
13. How do I get a certificate of participation?
14. How do I complete the evaluation form?
15. How do I message another attendee (outside of a Zoom session)?
16. Where can I update my privacy setting?
17. I don’t want other attendees to message me, what do I do?
18. Where can I update the information that’s displayed in my profile in the attendee list?
19. How can I learn more about a speaker?
20. Can I take notes in the Web App?
21. Who do I contact if I have any questions that are not answered in this FAQ?
22. Can I watch recordings of the presentation?
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