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Clinical classifiers, trials and the patient voice

Thursday May 13, 2021 - 20:20 to 21:00

Room: Breakout

P-4.3 3CTN portfolio map: An interactive report describing current activity and gaps in the ovarian cancer clinical trials landscape

Stephen Sundquist, Canada

Executive Director
3CTN - Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network


3CTN portfolio map: An interactive report describing current activity and gaps in the ovarian cancer clinical trials landscape

Stephen Sundquist1, Janet Dancey1,2, Diana Kato1, Rebecca Xu1, James Schoales1.

13CTN - Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network, OICR, Toronto, Canada; 2CCTG - Canadian Cancer Trials Group, Queen's University, Kingston, ON, Canada

Introduction: The Canadian Cancer Clinical Trials Network (3CTN) was created to address a decline in academic cancer clinical trials (ACCT). Its activities include support for member cancer centres to conduct a Portfolio of multi-centre, peer reviewed trials. 3CTN has developed a representation of Portfolio trial activity for ovarian and other cancers to optimize visualization of impact as well as gaps that can inform future research priorities.

Methods: 3CTN created standardized definitions to categorize trials on innovativeness and potential impact based on a published framework1 and guidance from clinical researchers. All Portfolio trials (N>600, including ovarian cancer trials) were categorized based on these definitions, and existing descriptors including patient population, trial phase, interventions and participating centre locations. 3CTN then created and validated an interactive digital report using MS Power BI that enables visualization and navigation of all ovarian trials in the 3CTN Portfolio.

Results: The 3CTN Ovarian Trial Portfolio Map is a searchable representation of all Portfolio ovarian cancer clinical trials. Individual users can view a graphical display and trial data of interest in aggregate, within defined subsets or by individual trials. Trials can be sorted by specific categories of tumor state, patient subgroup, intervention type, drug target, and/or specific biomarkers. Full details of trials are available, with links to trial registries. The dataset is updated automatically as cancer centres report on activity for the 20 academic ovarian cancer trials currently on the 3CTN Portfolio.

Conclusions: The new Ovarian Cancer Portfolio Map report provides a complete representation of 3CTN Portfolio activity in a visual and searchable web-based format. Stakeholder feedback is sought on its usefulness in summarizing trial activity and identifying trial gaps. 3CTN is evaluating expansion to incorporate industry trials and create other disease maps.

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