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P-1 - Poster Discussion Group
Overcoming the challenges of current treatments

Thursday May 13, 2021 | 20:20 to 21:00
Room: Breakout
Track: N/A

Discussion Group Leader

Jim Petrik, Canada


Alex Sauriol, Canada
Countering acquired PARP inhibitor resistance in high grade serous ovarian cancer

Colin D Jamieson, Canada
Determining the effect of intrabody-mediated TERT suppression on cisplatin sensitivity and cellular behavior of human epithelial ovarian cancer cells

Melanie A Grondin, Canada
Evaluation of tissue transglutaminase as a therapeutic target in high grade serous ovarian cancer

Yu Zhan, Canada
From senescence to surfaceome to death - immune clearance of clear cell carcinoma ovarian cancer cells

Veronique Tu, Canada
Using ovarian cancer human avatars to probe therapy-induced senescence

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