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P-8 - Poster Discussion Group
Exploring novel treatments

Thursday May 13, 2021 | 20:20 to 21:00
Room: Breakout
Track: N/A

Discussion Group Leader

Carlos M Telleria, Canada


Dolly Dhaliwal, Canada
β5 integrin is required for epithelial ovarian cancer cell adhesion and metastatic properties of spheroids

Sarah Saoudaoui, Canada
Exploration of therapy-induced senescence and its pharmacological manipulation in preclinical ovarian cancer models

Farah Abdalbari, Canada
The anti-rheumatic gold salt auranofin is cytotoxic towards high-grade serous ovarian cancer cells triggering oxidative stress-mediated apoptosis

Mahbuba R. Subeha, Canada
Nelfinavir exerts cytotoxicity in high-grade serous ovarian cancer cells via modulation of protein synthesis, endoplasmic reticulum stress, and DNA damage

Carlos M Telleria, Canada
Histopathological characterization of the orthometastatic tumors formed by ovarian cancer cell lines of the OvCAN initiative as a prelude to therapeutic studies

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