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P-12 - Poster Discussion Group
Tumour immunology and immunotherapy 2

Thursday May 13, 2021 | 20:20 to 21:00
Room: Breakout
Track: N/A

Discussion Group Leader

Madhuri Koti, Canada


Barbara Vanderhyden, Canada
Characterizing the tumour microenvironment of syngeneic mouse models of ovarian cancer to predict response to immunotherapy

CĂ©line M. Laumont, Canada
Deciphering T & B-cell responses to ovarian cancer

Kristianne JC Galpin, Canada
Investigating FGL2 as a therapeutic target in ovarian cancer

Deyang Li, Canada
Interferon associated adaptive immune resistance represented by immune checkpoint expression and immune cell localization in high-grade serous ovarian cancer

Douglas Chung, Canada
Tumour-infiltrating T cells in patients with clear cell ovarian carcinoma display reduced expression of immune checkpoint molecules in comparison to high-grade serous ovarian carcinoma

Jessica Gosse, Canada
Molecular imaging analysis of combination immunotherapy in an epithelial ovarian cancer preclinical animal model

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