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RF - Rapid-fires Session
Rapid Fires by Trainees

Thursday May 13, 2021 | 19:00 to 19:20
Room: Plenary
Track: N/A


Veronique Tu, Canada
Using ovarian cancer human avatars to probe therapy-induced senescence

Joyce Y Zhang, Canada
Modelling low-grade serous ovarian cancers with human fallopian tube organoids and single cell sequencing

Dina Dorrigiv, Canada
Characterization of ex vivo tumour models of ovarian cancer

Huachen Chen, Canada
Transcription factor ZIC2 regulates the tumorigenic phenotypes in epithelial ovarian cancer in a context-dependent manner

Keerthana Harwalkar, Canada
Anatomical and cellular heterogeneity in the mouse oviduct - its potential roles in reproduction and preimplantation development

Galaxia M Rodriguez, Canada
NLRC5 overexpression in ovarian cancer cells increases tumor immunogenicity and antigen presentation in vivo

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